Various militant sub-cultures play an active role in system politics

The Outsiders

The Outsiders use monstrous biomorphs engineered from human and animal DNA. Utilizing their predatory instincts and genes selected for a deadly combination of stealth and strength in battle. Members of The Outsiders faction generally stay out of view of the public eye, preferring to shroud themselves in the shadows of society or deep in the outer reaches of the system. Many specialty morphs are designed to survive off of the land in some of the most exotic environments the solar system has to offer. The few found on Earth inhabit the debris and wastelands of our past.

The Outsiders Logo

The Grinders
The Grinders Logo

The Grinders faction is an edgy subculture of transhuman society; Though most still vaguely resemble base humans, Grinders embrace any upgrade path to Human 2.0 and beyond. Members often wield disturbing, yet highly advanced mechanically and genetically modified biomorphs with DIY customizations. Since the first decade of the 21st century, the Grinders have eschewed the natural limits of their physiology, and extolled personal medical sovereignty. 

The Outworlders

The Outworlders origin is rumored to trace back to integrated genetics, also known as, “BIO-MODS”, believed to have been found on a Jovian moon. There is very little data on the alien hybrid species, other than they can easily adapt to almost any atmosphere and biologically counteract any toxin or poison which makes bio-chemical warfare useless. Their alien lineage is comprised of unverified genetics, in a large variety of specialized and stylized bio-morphs.

The Outworlders Logo

The Rebels
The Rebels Logo

The Rebels are a twisted and savage faction. They cannot be bargained with. They have no compassion for life. Rebels use illegal scientific and biological experimentation in “BIO-Enhancement Surgeries,” and forcibly indoctrinate children with their anti-corporate propaganda. They have modified their physical bodies to weaponize themselves. The modifications are harsh and twisted. These augmentations can never be reversed. Permanently left “less human” and more destructive. A barbaric rebellion that doesn’t have an allegiance with anyone but themselves, and even then, the only rule they live by is…..

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