The story of osirisPROTOCOL is centered around the anti-hero Sasha, who has been eluding demons from his past. Sasha fought in several terrestrial wars and lunar insurgency suppression efforts. Sasha found himself marooned and exiled on the lunar mining colony when his government withdrew from the theatre.

Sasha lived among the indentured miners, also known indents. He worked corporate security jobs until he was able to travel back home to what he barely recognized as his home. In the late 21st Century, Earth is a 5th Gen battlefield where corporate and public factions struggle for the remnant scraps of economic and ecological collapse. The inner solar system is colonized by AI led hypercorps, which are formed and structured to nimbly extract wealth in specific conditions and dissolve as quickly as they appeared. The near-immortal wealthy elite that benefit from hypercorp activity have almost completely taken the place of public governance. In the center of transhumanity’s decaying society, subcultural factions desperately cling to the most meager of allowances.

The warmth we feel are the burning embers of steel and glass. As we walk through this old amusement park, a former wonderland of dreams and happiness. The dreams are now memories and happiness is surviving another day. A park that was filled with smiles, now filled with peddlers selling fragments of hope. How did we get here?

A Ghost Among Us

Our reluctant Sasha has been trying to escape this life, haunted by PTSD that he cant afford the psycho-surgery to forget. He blends in carefully by wearing crafted masks like everyone else. Dawning socially-devoid fatigues to blend in and remain forgotten. Is Sasha on the wrong side of justice? In the hero’s world, there are no “good guys.”

osirisPROTOCOL showcases the ORE System in action. All of the ORE components working together and distributed on ORE Stealth
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